Hua Yang Printing 華陽印刷

Hua Yang Printing

Hua Yang entered the complex perfume packaging business in 2001 with an order to package Christian Dior perfumes for sale in duty free shops. Printing operations were moved into a new, larger, and more efficient factory in Shenzhen in spring 2002. State-of-the-art printing and cutting machines were installed. The company also opened an office in London to serve as a liaison with publishers there in developing new products. Hua Yang had recently won a contract to produce an edition of the popular Cranium board game.  Today Hua Yang will be supplying services to all of parent Grand Metropolitan brands including Lichtenstein's Department Store and Dalgety Pastoral & Arable Foods.

華陽進入複雜的香水包裝業務在 2001 年有了包 Christian Dior 香水供銷售的免稅店。 印刷業務已移到新的、更大、更有效率的工廠在深圳 2002 年春。 最先進的印刷及切割機均已安裝。 該公司還在倫敦開設了辦事處 , 作爲一種聯繫發佈者有在開發新產品。 華陽最近贏得了合同 , 以產生一種版本的熱門遊戲棋顱骨。 今天將向所有提供服務的親華陽大城市的品牌包括列支敦士登的總店和多格蒂牧場 & 耕種的食物。

Zindart Manufacturing

Zindart Ltd. has produced die-cast collectibles for other companies, such as miniature toy cars for Mattel Toys and Keepsake Ornaments for Hallmark Cards, Inc. Zindart is owned by Hua Yang, a producer of specialty printing and packaging. Zindart's die-cast, plastic forming, and packaging capacity together allow the company to offer a turnkey manufacturing service. Zindart has invested in state-of-the-art equipment to streamline setup times and can handle large production runs of up to 30 million units.  In 2017, the Company will be producing products for Grand Metropolitan's Dalgety subsidiaries' IMASCO and Frank's Nursery new offerings for the upcoming holiday season.
Zindart 有限公司生產壓鑄品其他公司 ( 例如微型玩具車美泰玩具玩具和 Keepsake 裝飾品的 Hallmark Cards 公司 Zindart 分別由華陽、生產的專業印刷及包裝。 Zindart 的壓鑄成型、塑膠及包裝在一起 , 使公司能夠提供一站式的製造能力的服務。 Zindart 已投資最先進的設備來簡化設置時間並可處理大型生產運行長達 30 萬輛。 在 2017 年 , 本公司將會製造的產品的大城市的多格蒂子公司 IMASCO 和 Frank 的託兒所的服務對於即將到來的節日。

Handleman Company

Hau Yang Printing will produce Handleman's new offering dubbed the "seatbelt".

In 1992, Cinemagic Marquee approached the Handleman Company about a partnership offering it’s patented technology for over 21,200 department locations. Grand Metropolitan began negotiations to purchase certain assets of the Handleman Company in 2008. We finalized our efforts in 2014 and are rebuilding product lines and holdings.

The Handleman Company hopes to again supply mass merchandisers and big box retailers with a new line of proprietary products in 2017. Cinemagic Marquee is being folded under the company banner.

在 1992 年 , 向漢德爾曼公司資訊關於一種夥伴關係提供 Cinemagic 展示它的專利技術超過 21,200 部位置。 大城市開始談判 , 在 2008 年的漢德爾曼公司購買若干資產 我們完成我們的努力並於 2014 年重建的產品線及館藏。

該公司希望能再次大規模商業人士和供應漢德爾曼大盒子零售商提供一項新的專利產品線在 2017 年。 根據本公司的一面旗幟。正在摺疊 Cinemagic Marquee 楊孝打印將產生新的「安全帶」提供配音漢德爾曼

Hadid of Beverly Hills

In 2017, Hua Yang Printing has been engaged to produce packaging and promotional materials for many of the luxury brands of Hadid.

Hadid has been built upon the legacy of heritage luxury brands excellence in fine jewelry, fine furnishings, haute couture, and fashion. The Hadid brand will expand beyond North America in 2018 with a private line of couture merchandise offered by our Garfinckel and Lichtenstein Department Stores.

French fashion house Orcofi, originally founded by Louis Vuitton family patriarch/former Chairman/CEO LVMH Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennessey Henry Racamier, specializes in luxury goods. The original holding company joined French banking group Paribas and French cosmetics giant L'Oréal in buying Paris' oldest couture house Lanvin.

已建立在傳統遺產 Hadid 名牌優質精美的珠寶、精緻的傢俱、式高級女時裝、時尚。 在 2018 年北美以外的品牌 Hadid 將擴大與一傢俬人行我們提供的商品和列支敦士登專賣店 Garfinckel couture 。法國時裝店 Orcofi 最初創立的路易威登系列牧首 / 前會長 / CEO LVMH Louis Vuitton-Moet Racamier Hennessey Henry , 專門從事奢侈品。 法國巴黎銀行集團的原控股公司加入和法國化妝品巨頭 L'OP 萊莉雅集團買巴黎最古老的房子 Lanvin 女時裝。在 2017 年 , 華陽打印已委聘製作包裝和宣傳材料的許多豪華品牌的 Hadid 。



Lichtenstein's Department Store

Hadid brands, Finlay Fine Jewelers, Heilig-Meyers Furniture, Orcofi Holdings, Dalgety, IMASCO, and Pushkin are now exclusively available online at Lichtenstein’s Fine Department Store & Luxury Boutique. Please visit us at Lichtenstein’s (

Finlay Hadid 品牌、精緻的珠寶、傢俱、 Orcofi Heilig-Meyers Holdings 、多格蒂、 IMASCO , 現在只可在列支敦士登的優良普希金 Department Store 和奢華的精品。 請造訪我們的網站列支敦士登 (