Fruishi produces and markets a family of fruit sushi products from around the world.

We love healthy, nutritious, and delicious foods. Fruishi strives to check all those boxes with a vast variety of brilliant, colorful choices and combinations. The selections are endless with hundreds of fruits atop our own Fruishi sweet sticky coconut milk rice accompanied by dozens of scrumptious dips and swirls. Topping off your favored yummy concoctions are our exclusive dusts and scatters such as coconut flakes, crushed pistachios, toasted almond dust, or exotic red peppers.  Alongside your meal is Fruishi Wasabi, Fruishi Ginger (Gari), and our own patented Fruishi Edible Chopsticks. Our goal is to provide a complete balance of nutrition and taste.

Fruishi partners with Grand Metropolitan, Hadid, Gallery Rodeo, The Beverly Hills Cigar Club, and Beverly Hills Sports Car to participate in charity auctions, celebrity events, and red carpet functions worldwide. We are developing multiple concepts for growth.